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Tillie Baldwin

Tillie Baldwin

Tillie Baldwin

by Judy White on April 21, 2020

Pray big prayers for Tillie Baldwin. The nursing home just let her family know that she tested positive for COVID-19. No one as sweet as her should be sick.

UPDATE: 4/24/2020

She was on the phone talking with her granddaughter, Tami Shaw when I checked on her.  She is not running a fever & has not been feeling terrible except for a cough.  Tami asked her if she was feeling bad (right now) & Tillie's answer was, "yes & no".   I asked Tami to tell her that her church family was praying for her & that they ask about her all the time.  Tillie said, "well, that's good.  I miss everyone".

Update: 5/16/20

Tillie Baldwin is feeling better. Her granddaughter, Tami Shaw said Tillie was feeling better, but not 100% yet. Keep her in your prayers as she continues to heal.


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