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Jovida Savage

Jovida Savage

Jovida Savage

by Judy White on April 23, 2020

Please lift Jovida Savage in prayer. She has fallen again and has been taken to the hospital by ambulance. She just came home yesterday from her previous fall.

UPDATE : 4/24/2020

She had surgery this morning at 8:15 to repair her broken hip from her fall yesterday.  The doctors told Max everything went well.  She is expected to be at Harris S.W. for 3 or 5 days & then go to Baylor Rehab for around 2 weeks.  Max wants everyone to know that he & Jovida sincerely appreciate all of your prayers.  Please keep her covered in your prayers as she heals.

Update: 5/16/2020

Joveda was able to come home yesterday to heal with the help of home health. Max and Jovida appreciate your prayers. Keep her covered as she continues to heal.


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