A Wife's Answered Prayers

December 05, 2019 | Testimony by Karrie Wilson

Recently, one of the FBCG members, Karrie Wilson made a Facebook post that moved many of those who read it. She wanted to share it with others who are not on Facebook.:

"What an amazing journey these past 2 years have been for my family growing in the Lord together! God has been so good to us and He has taken us deeper then what we could have ever imagined! It is such a blessing to watch Cody serve on the sound board at church, my children sing in the youth cue choir and I am looking forward to serving in Awana while Evie’s faith grows in Awana. God has great plans in store for my family this coming year.  "

Seeing her husband, Cody, serve in the church and watching their children worship and serve God within the church choir brings tears to her eyes as she considers how much God had moved in their lives. There was a time when going to church was just something they did on Sunday. It did not have the impact on her family Karrie had always envisioned. However, she kept praying.

Karrie's prayers did not go unanswered. They began attending at First Baptist Church of Godley and found a home here. Then in December 2017 God further blessed her as Karrie found herself shopping for her husband's Bible.!!

" I want to give others hope, who daily go to the throne room of God praying for your spouse, children, parents, siblings..etc. NEVER stop praying..because God is still on the throne and He is still setting captives free to walk in the fullness of His abundant grace and loving mercy daily. THANK YOU JESUS!!!"